• F.C.C. RICO is a joint venture company of F.C.C. Co. Ltd Japan and Rico Auto Industries Ltd. India established in February 1997 with 50:50 share equity.
  • The company is exclusively into manufacturing & supplying of automobile clutch assemblies to O.E.M's of Two Wheelers and Four Wheeler. The co. is also in to manufacturing of Clutch Friction Disc with Cellulose (Paper) and Cork base.
  • With F.C.C. RICO coming into existence, it has joined the group of overseas companies of F.C.C. having operations spread all over the world.
  • Now F.C.C. RICO can avail any kind of Technical & Operational Support from its overseas base companies, it will have an additional advantage of exposure to the latest development taking place Worldwide of different bases & same can be incorporated to improve upon local operations facility & efficiencies in India.

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For any further enquiries. Please email : jv-fccrico@ricoauto.in